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Lake Texoma

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Why do I do it?

I’ve been doing it for over 45 years. Why stop now?

I “modified” my first lure when I was about 10 years old. My Dad took time to take me fishing. By the time I was 12 years old, I had mastered the fly rod and my Dad and I dragged more bream and bass from Mississippi farm ponds than I can remember. It was a wonderful time in my life. I miss him dearly.

One day, we were not catching much. We could hear the ‘sucking’ sounds of bream but they would not hit. I was using a small yellow fly. My Dad was using the same fly but in an orange color. I had just popped a piece of Juicy Fruit gum in my mouth and the “thought occurred to me” to wrap a piece of the foil around the fly. I took a tiny piece, wrapped it around the fly, and cast it out there. It was an ugly cast. The modified lure hit the water, I twitched it a couple of times, and a few minutes later, had a 2 pound bass in the boat.

I’ve been dinking with lures for 53 years. Lots of failures. Lots of successes. Lots of fish caught. Lots of fish lost. The one thing I’ve learned over the years: fish like contrast…….just like structure, they like contrast in the appearance of their food. When the lure is some distance from the fish, contrast makes the difference between a strike and just another cast.

What have I learned about a fish looking for something to attack?

(1) Fish don’t see very well at a distance (you have to get their attention) and

(2) they see in color and they like red, orange, and pink.

Fish do not have binocular vision like we do. Their eyes are on the side of their head. Therefore, they have a ‘semi-blind spot’ between their eyes. They don’t really see their prey well at a distance. They can see well up close but at a distance, the lure has to get their attention and to get their attention there has to be some red, orange, pink, or flash. Ever see any lures painted in flat or matte paint? My point exactly.

Fish have an additional ability: (3) they can see in the ultraviolet range. While humans see seven colors; fish see these plus some. That is why on a given day, take two lures that are identical in every detail but color and the fish will hit one color but not the other. Most of us have experienced this.

In summary, fish do not see well at a distance so contrast in your lures, different colors in the lures, and different sizes of your lures increases your chances of catching those rascals.

Fluorescent colors (glow) are popular because they “retain” light and “glow” underwater. What they really do is become visible in the ultraviolent spectrum making it easier for the fish to see have to get their attention.

Last but not least (4) The fact that fish see in color is important. With the exception of those species that live in water sufficiently deep to filter out all color, fish see in color and the color most fish prefer is red. Not necessarily an “all red” bait, but they prefer a food that has a bit of red in it (or orange or pink). Why? Because most fish have red on them! When looking at the physics of the color spectrum, e.g. wavelengths, red is the first color in the color spectrum to disappear. This makes red a great camo color for a fish.

What a conundrum if you’re a fish! You are red in color and that’s good because you tend to “disappear” if you head to deep water to avoid being a meal but at the same time, you look for other fish to eat and you look for red. Hmmmm….

These facts guide me in practically every lure I make. Contrast in color by adding black, red, orange, or pink color in them to some degree. Science has proven this to be the most common colors in fish. So, why would you choose a lure that did not have some degree of "nature" in it?

God has certainly blessed us with this lake we call Texoma!!





Axman and Fuzzy fish along the shore of beautiful Lake Texoma!!

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