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Frequently Asked Questions for Axman

1. Are you a klutz or just accident prone?
2. How did you become such a great troller?
3. Why do you eat so much sushi?
4. Why do you seem to blow off all your aches and pains and laugh about them?
5. How is it that some folks post that they always catch fish while you don't post much about catching fish but you seem to know about everything?
6. Why should I buy your stuff?
7. Who is MrKnowItAll?

1. Not really sure! Accidents just seem to come naturally to me. Some folks avoid being around me especially close to bridges, etc. where things tend to fall or break.

2. My Daddy taught me to troll for gators back in Mississippi. Only after he caught enough to feed my 16 siblings, did he allow me back in the boat. I didn't mind the gators but it sure hurt when Daddy drug me over a cypress stump.

3. Its in my blood. My ancestors were Swordmen prior to switching to Axmen. It is easier when chopping down trees, but much more difficult preparing sushi. And performing ritual Hari Kari on oneself is really, really hard & painful with a ax.

4. Mainly because since Jesus is my Lord and Savior, I know that in the end, all is going to be OK. My time on earth is but a vapor. I'll be healthy in eternity!

5. The folks you see who post they are catching fish - are. These are folks who often fish 200 days a year! Me, I can't post a lot of fish catching stories because I'm not on the water 200 days a year. I "seem to know a lot" because I listen a lot to folks who know what is happening. I just try to relay those things that I think will help folks who can only get out a few times a year! That is all most of us can do so we should do it to help others!

6. Cause you gotta buy it from someone and I'm old, have a lot of metal in my body and a lot of doctors to pay. Besides, who loves ya, baby!

7. MrKnowItAll is one of my personalities. Is too, is not, is too, is not, is too, is not!

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