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Sassy Shad Bodies

"Sassys" are THE most preferred plastic lure on Lake Texoma. They are an artificial "substitute" for the stripers favorite food - SHAD!!

I am discontuing offering a great variety. There are too many different colors to choose from and I can't afford to carry the inventory. So I am only offering what I use - Glow / chartreuse tail and Glow / chartreuse tail with attractant!

You can order ANY color sassy you can dream of from They sell in quantities of 10 up to cases!

In case a 3rd party is reviewing my website in an effort to sue me, I want to be clear, I do not make these and I sell them to my customers as a courtesy.

Sassy Bodies w/Chartreuse Tail 4 Inches

Sassy Bodies w/Chartreuse Tail + Attractant 4 Inches

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