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Ax proves line sides love ReAxtion Lures, any flavor


These line sides love ReAxtion Lures, any flavor


How Does Axman Create These Fishing Masterpieces!!??

Making lures is a labor of love, I think. There ain't a lot of money in it. Profits aren't that much. But it sure is fun to actually produce a lure that stripers and sand bass will lock on to!!

I get a great deal of satisfaction when someone sends me pictures and comments on the successes they've had with my lures!

I powder coat all my lures. Red accents (if required) are hand painted onto the lure using Component Systems paint. Powder coating paint techniques have been used in the aerospace industry for years. The powder paint goes on smoothly and has great adhesion characteristics to the base metal. Once the lures are powder coated, the lures are baked in an oven for 15 to 30 minutes at 375F. This curing process produces a hard, durable coat that is not easily scratched or chipped. It can be chipped, but you have to work at it.

After curing, the lures have adhesive eyes applied. The eyes are typically orange or red to more realistically mimic the bait fish. It would cost me less money to use a eye painting machine but I am convinced the adhesive eyes do more to attract the fish. On the smaller lures that are curved, I often paint the eyes on as the adhesive eyes won't stay on a curved surface.

The making of a lure is pretty simple, actually.

Melt some lead
Pour it in a mold
Grind off any edge imperfections left by the mold
Paint the lures
Cure the lures
Add eyes, foil, and hooks!!!

As a final touch, all ReAxtion Lures have eyelets that are drilled out.

Ever get out on the lake, the action is fast and furious, you open a new lure only to find the eyelet is plugged with paint? That wont happen with ReAxtion Lures. Each and every lure is hand-drilled so that when you open the package, you can insert your line through the eyelet; no pliers, ice pick, knife, etc. required to tie one on.







How Does Axman Create These Fishing Masterpieces!!??

I do it because He placed it on my heart!!

But I do have an active staff that helps!!


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