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Rigging a Sassy Shad - Easy as Pie!!

OK, you bought that good looking ReAxtion Lures Sassy Stalker head and you are ready to wet a hook. How to get the sassy body on the hook so that it looks natural is easy. Just takes some practice and some guess work where the hook will come out. :)

The goal is to have the head "blend" in with the body lines and have the body straight on the hook. Easy!

1. Lay the sassy head and the sassy body out next to each other.

2. Next, lay the sassy head on top of the body and move the head to a position where the back of the head is the same width as the sassy body. Also, note the slight angle of the back of the head. Note where the hook will come out of the body. You might want to take a Sharpie and put a dot in the middle of the back.

3. Cut the head of the sassy body off where the sassy head blended with the body. Make sure to cut the body at an angle that is as close to the head's angle as you can get it.

4. Look closely at the body's cross section. You will see a "spot" in the body molding that is centered from side to side but is located closer to the top of the body's "back". This is the point where you should begin the insertion of the sassy head's hook. (Click on the photo to enlarge so it's easier to see)

5. Begin the hook insertion. With most sassy bodies, you will be able to see the hook as you make the insertion. Make sure to keep the hook centered in the don't want it running out the side..... :) (Click on the image to enlarge and you will be able to see the hook.)

6. Now it's time to bring the tip of the hook out of the spot on the back that you noted in Step 1.

7. Continue to push the hook through and snug the body up against the head and that's it!! NOTE: Some folks put a drop of Super Glue on the shank of the head so that the body will not pull off so easily.

That is all there is to it! When I fish sassys, I ALWAYS use an attractant..... Repeat ALWAYS Is that "cheating"? Don't care. If it increases the catch, I'll do it! There are many attractants on the market. But remember, stripers are a salt water species.......

In their natural environment they eat shad, eels, menhadden, etc..... So don't go spending your money on fancy large mouth bass sprays. :)

Here are some of the sprays I use. Experiment! And tight lines!!!

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