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These line sides love ReAxtion Lures, any flavor


Not every lure I make turns out perfect. No surprise, eh?

When I fish, I use lures that have a flaw in them because I don’t knowingly ship lures that are not up to standards.

The Bargain Bin consists of lures that didn’t make the quality cut but are still fish-catching products.

In the past, I’d re-melt them but it’s a lot of work keeping the lead cleaned of paint residue etc. and most of the time, the hooks are not re-useable.

Some of these lures are in perfect shape but are development lures with different color schemes. While the color schemes have proven effective in catching fish, I simply can't produce them economically as it takes a significant amount of time to reproduce the patterns. Therefore, some of these lure color schemes were never offered on the site and are "one of a kind".

Some of them, you can't tell where the flaw is.... :)

So, if you’re looking for a bargain and don’t mind using a “flawed” lure to catch some fish (well some of them are downright ugly), you are on the right page!!

These change frequently so check in regularly to see what I've screwed up lately. :)

Bargain Bin

2 Ounce Prune Pickers - Colors will Vary/

1 or 1.5 Ounce Ghost Minnow Slabs - Colors will Vary/

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